Monday, August 26, 2013

Module 6: Practicum and Graduation

After a grueling 12 weeks of intensive training, students were asked to teach free, open to the public classes
as practice.

Students had to design custom sequences, examine sequences for potential modifications, and teach to drop-in clients of various (and unknown) physical conditions and experience levels-- in fact, they occasionally had to deal with a "plant" emulating common mistakes and problems!

 Upama trainees each taught two 60 minute long classes and were evaluated for confidence, ability to adapt, attention to students, modifications and clarity of instruction, awareness of room, demonstration, responsiveness to student needs, and timing.


(In addition, students prepared for their practicum teaching while simultaneously preparing for their culminating experience project, in which they had to research a specialty or area of focus in yoga and present it to the class.)

Following these practice classes, students finally got to complete their training and have a small graduation ceremony and party for their friends and family.

Congratulations Upama Yoga: Comparative Yoga Studies Summer 2013 Class!!!

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